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Custom Real Estate Solutions that Work for You

Do You Fit into a box?


Typically when you look to sell your home, you list it for sale by owner, or you hire a real estate agent. Either way, you're boxed into commissions and the typical costs of selling. These fees all affect the final profit on your home's sale.



When buying traditionally, you need a pre-approval letter then you find an agent or scour online sources searching for the right home. With our PINK Purchase Program®, you have flexibility and options. If you can afford a home, but can't qualify for traditional financing today, this might be the right path for you. 

We Think Outside the Box!


If you are looking to sell your home we can build a custom sale process that will save you commissions and potentially deliver you a Pink Profit, 10-15% more than a traditional listing. 



If you're looking to buy a home we have solutions with a lot more flexibility then a traditional sale process. We have tailored plans developed through our PINK Purchase Program® that bridge the gap between wanting to buy and qualifying for a traditional mortgage. 

Experience the PINK Difference

Owning a home is truly the American Dream. For some, it’s creating a legacy, a place to raise a family and create lifetime memories. For others, it’s a smart investment into their financial future. But for many Americans buying a home can seem like a distant reality; it’s a difficult and stressful process. Getting bank qualified seems like a virtual impossibility and sadly, for many, it is.


Little Pink Houses of America offers those individuals an opportunity to achieve the American Dream of homeownership through our unique, custom-made Lease-to-Own programs. At LPH, we’ve found a way to help people become homeowners without the stressful challenges of working with banks through our 100 years of combined experience working in real estate.

Buying a House

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