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Baltimore, MD

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Do You Fit into a box?


Typically when you look to sell your home, you list it for sale by owner or you hire a real estate agent. Either way you're boxed into commissions and the typical costs of selling. This all affects the final profit on your home sale.



When buying traditionally, you need a pre-approval letter then you find an agent or scower online sources searching for the right home. With our PINK Purchase Program® you have flexibility and options. If you can afford a home this might be the right path for you. 

We Think Outside the Box!


If you are looking to sell your home we can build a custom sale process that will save you commissions and potentially deliver you a Pink Profit, 10-15% more than a traditional listing. 



If you're looking to buy a home we have solutions with a lot more flexibility then a traditional sale process. We have tailored plans developed through our PINK Purchase Program® that bridge the gap between wanting to buy and qualifying for a traditional mortgage. 


Looking to Sell?

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